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James Dorson

Counternarrative Possibilities: Virgin Land, Homeland, and Cormac McCarthy's Negative Imagination


Markus Kienscherf

Securing the Homeland –Pacifying the Globe: U.S. Domestic and International Security Policies from the 1960s to the Present


Susann Park-Gessner

American Self-Fashioning. Die Bedeutung von Kleidung, Stil und Mode für Identitätsbildung und Anerkennung in den USA bis 1945


Britta Schumacher

The Return of Rehabilitation - A Consideration of Contemporary American Criminal Policy


Jasper Trautsch

Inventing America: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Formation of National Identity, 1789-1815


Frank Wilker.

Race, Memory and Imagery in American Narratives of the Middle Passage



Benz, Martina

Worker Centers, Organisierungen von MigrantInnen und Minderheitenangehörigen im Niedriglohnsektor und in der informellen Ökonomie der USA


Barbara Antoniazzi

Wayward Femininity: Progressivism, Prostitution and Performance in America (1888-1917)


Silke Chorus

The Commodification of Care in Postfordism


Frese, Sophia

Between the Promised Lands: Literary Representations of Israel in Jewish and Palestinian American Literature


Azadeh Ghahghaei

A Comparative Study of Social Capital between Hispanic Catholics and Hispanic Evangelicals in Los Angeles


Silke Hackenesch

From Cocoa Slavery to Chocolate City: Chocolate as a Racial Signifier in the Constructions of Blackness


Susanne Hamscha

“The Fiction of America”: Performing the Cultural Imaginary in American Literature and Culture


Maria Slowinska

Art/Commerce. The Phenomenal and Discursive Convergence of Contemporary

Art and Marketing


Timo Tonassi

The Nativist Frame. Past and Contemporary Representations of Immigrants

in American Nativist Media Outlets



Vormann, Boris

Blind Spots of Globalization, Neoliberalization Processes in North American Port Cities

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